Maggie Keenan, Founder & Principal

Maggi20140630_210122e has never been the kind of business owner or long distance runner that is content being behind the leader. Intense and dedicated to her company, clients and causes, she found her sweet spot working with fashion and beauty brands. Maggie wakes up every morning driven by the desire to make a difference in the world, inspire others to do the same and to get her miles in.

Dedicated to providing strategy and philanthropy services to brands, her focus and determination means her clients make stronger and more synergistic connections with customers. Companies are attracted by her passion and vision for what she sees possible for their contribution to the world. With an uncanny ability to connect ideas, people and causes, Maggie sees opportunities all around for anyone that desires to be a force for change. She is absolutely passionate and principled in everything she does.

Maggie is considered a leader in the field of brand philanthropy and is known for her expertise. She often appears in the media and has been featured in MORE Magazine, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Washington Business Journal. Her book Small Businesses Give BIG: Why charitable giving is a great business strategy! Was released in 2009.

An avid runner and former runway model, you can find Maggie on the road or runway when she isn’t in her office.